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    Welcome lovely people, i am Sarah, 18 and from Germany :) i would love if you just start talking to me :)

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    Normalness leads to Sadness - Phil Lester
    Have you ever really danced on the edge? Just hold my hand and jump


    when the quiet kid in class makes a good comeback


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    I saw a bunch of ants carrying around a potato chip this morning and it made me wish I had a bunch of friends and a really huge potato chip

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    I spend so much time alone behind my computer if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi

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    I have a frame picture up on my wall showing one of the dumbest anon question i have ever gotten


    "You’re not Asian because you weren’t born in Asia. I know this because I have an asian friend, and she’s from Asia."

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    "Take a shower,
    Wash away the bad thoughts,
    Cleanse your body,
    Put on some relaxing music,
    Get in to bed,

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    this is what i live by

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